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White Port & Tonic is my new favorite summer Aperitif

White Port & Tonic

I was so busy enjoying my new found alcoholic beverage, that I completely forgot to take a photo before I inhaled the lot! Hence the photo of the ice, orange peel and juniper berries – oops! I discovered the drink in a rooftop bar in Faro. Simply; white port, tonic water, ice, orange peel and juniper berries mixed and served in a rather generous Copa glass, which is a bulbous stemmed glass usually reserved for gin mixes. It is refreshing, attractive and addictive. You have been warned! The Portuguese are very generous with alcohol, one gin and tonic is equal to perhaps four standard shots anywhere else in the world. My legs never seem to work very well after two, and I don’t remember ever drinking three!

White not red?

White port’s subtle flavor can be overwhelmed or lost with the addition of cheap, sugar free tonic, so opt for a premium tonic for best results. Most people will be familiar with red port, and are blissfully unaware of the pale version that is soon to enter their lives forever. Once you have tried it either with the orange and juniper or with lemon and bruised mint you will be instantly hooked. Gin has made an epic comeback over the past 2 years, once seen as an old ladies drink, it is now de rigueur for yachties, posh folk and students alike. White port and tonic will take a while to reach the same epic popularity heights as the G & T but that may be due to the lack of widespread availability of white port, which can be hard to come by. It is available via Amazon delivered next day of using their Prime option.

A food lover’s paradise

Portugal is a food lovers paradise, dare I say it on par with Italy? Each time I visit I find a new seam of captivating foodie delights to indulge in daily. Cakes and biscuits are heavenly, so perhaps ration yourself to only one per day like I do. More on sweet treats later. I need to also share with you my experience of Vino Verde – check back soon for that..

Mix it!

Mix yourself a white port and tonic, I know you wont be disappointed. I use one wine glass of port, 1 teaspoon of bruised juniper berries, organic, unwaxed orange peel and a good quality tonic water which is the way it was served in Faro. Other cocktails worth a try are:

Nae Nae

1/4 ounce lime juice
1 ounce sugar syrup
3 ounces  white port
3 ounces soda water

1. Build the lime juice, tonic syrup and white port in a Collins glass.
2. Fill the Collins glass with crushed ice and top it with the soda water.

Cavaleiro Branco

3 ounces white port
2 bar spoons organic Lemon marmalade
3 ounces tonic water
Basil blossoms and lemon twist, to garnish

1. Serve in a white wine glass over crushed ice. Garnish with basil blossoms and a lemon twist.

Check out everything you need below, available from Amazon to mix up one at home.







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