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We have wheels!

After much deliberation we finally have some wheels! We have been renting cars ever since we arrived but last week we parted with some cash and bought a ….. Vespa! No not a car but a scooter 🙂

We really could not decide and agree on a car, as we only want one car, and until we can agree on what it should be we will continue to rent. Not during the summer months though as the rental price as you can imagine is very high. We have been paying roughly €200 per month for a small car like a VW UP.

Meet Marcello

So not four wheels but two, here he is – Marcello, my beautiful Italian Vespa scooter, named after a very lovely friend of mine who lives in Genoa, Italy.

I bought him sparkly new from the vespa store in Loulé from a lovely gentleman named Luis. It’s a 125cc Primavera. If you have a UK driving licence you are OK to drive any bike up to 125cc. If you see me around give me a wave, unless you are driving – stay focused!

Ginger loves the new wheels, I researched ‘Vespa dog carrier’ with no luck whatsoever so maybe I will design and make one specially for her.

I’ve always had my own car but having downsized our whole life last year have got use to only having a rental car. We will hire a car again in September when the prices go down again. In the meantime I will have to wear my jeans and pumps to protect myself for when I inevitably fall off (more about that later – anyone have any paint spraying skills?).

So never having ridden a scooter before it was quite an experience launching myself off from the store. I managed to maintain my dignity tootling off down the road and looping back past the shop to be waved off by Luis. I then followed my husband on an epic trip to Almancil, which as you know is only 10 minutes away but it felt like hours.

Top 10 tips for riding a scooter

Having not bothered to do any research or prep before hopping aboard, here are my top 10 (or more) tips for anyone considering life on a scooter:

  • Look where you want to go, look at that rock face and thats where you are going.
  • Learn to counter steer, I can’t explain it well enough not to kill you.
  • Wear sensible shoes, if you are short like me wear chunky soles.
  • Please wear jeans, your knees look better on your legs rather than the road.
  • Sunscreen!
  • Buy an expensive good quality helmet. One word,  v i s a b i l i t y!
  • Do up your jacket or wear it back to front. Less wind resistance.
  • Have a decent pair of sunglasses or a helmet with an integrated visor.
  • Rent a scooter before buying, you may hate it.
  • Expect that everyone wants to kill you. You wont be disappointed.
  • Ensure you are strong enough to lift the bike, it will fall over!
  • Look for nice flat parking spots.
  • Stay safe!

It’s nice having wheels again and the best thing is you can park anywhere in the town centre for free. Generally on the pavement outside the market is where you will find me.

Remember you can contact me any time by email hello@loulehills.com


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