I am seeking corporate sponsors and suppliers for my project. I have over 70,000 followers on Instagram – 80% women, the majority based in Europe and North America, between the ages of 30 and 60. I can bring you this female market through my channel and website. I am English, mid 50’s, a natural presenter with a background in global corporate sales. I have a loyal middle class following, watching my every lifestyle choice and move.

In April this year, I moved to Portugal to fulfil my dream of building a home of my own design. I have all permission in place and I’m getting ready to start the construction. I am seeking corporate sponsorship for the whole project, from breaking ground all the way to final finishes.

The build will feature on my daily blog – fiftysister.com, on Instagram – @fiftysister, on a dedicated website for the project – loulehills.com and on my YouTube channel.

I am offering; my time and services promoting and using your products, advertising space on my website, weekly mentions and updates, credits on my videos. In addition, I will provide product overviews, links to your website, Instagram live interviews with your company, for you to promote directly to my audience.

The build should take in the region of 12-18months. I am looking for sponsors who can work with me throughout the project, to provide continuity of messaging.

I have a full team at my disposal, who are well respected within their industry, with a proven track record of delivering quality builds. I have already invested £400k into this project and four years of my time. We are now ready to begin.

Please contact hello@loulehills.com for more information.

Very best regards