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Property services in the Algarve including real estate acquisition, construction, property development and project management

Local onsite services

Freelance and project based project management services in Loulé, Algarve and beyond.

We can assist with real estate acquisition, building plot research and purchase, architect selection, engineering, legal services, construction and any aspect of property and relocation project management. 

We will visit properties and provide feedback, video footage, onsite video calls. Whatever you need to have your virtual feet on the ground.


Professional Services

Plot finder

The best plots are never advertised. Immediate alerts for new availability with instant onsite videos and area surveillance/reports.


Professional negotiator for land and property sale or purchase and for onsite services such as landscaping and interior design.


Local experienced Lawyers for land and property purchase, residency application, Portuguese Golden Visa and more.


The best architecture design, 3D modeling, topography & drone surveillance can enhance your own design, build experience and end result.


Structural and engineering design services are key to success with a rebuild, remodel, restoration or new build.


Professional procurement services can save you time and money for all fixtures/fittings, artwork, furniture, onsite services and landscaping.


Live video streaming onsite meetings

FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, we can live stream any meeting or conference call onsite in Algarve realtime. Providing both live and recorded video material for any aspect of your property project. From surveillance footage of potential plots to construction in progress and completion. 

‘If you live overseas, it’s important to have someone you can trust onsite throughout the process’

Reports & presentation

Providing up to date budget and progress reports.

Obtaining competitive quotations from professional service providers with clear costings and comparisons.

Presenting information in a clear and informative manner by email, phone or video conference


Conference calls & weekly updates

Conference calls with suppliers, engineers, architects and lawyers in Portugal. Providing updates, weekly or daily.

Clear communication is essential for a successful new build or restoration.

Stay informed 24/7.

Our own new build project

You can find out about our own new build modern minimalist project in Algarve Portugal by clicking here and also check out our blog for local information and updates here.

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