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A visit to Pego do Inferno

So last week we finally located Pego do Inferno, a lovely freshwater swim spot just outside (maybe 10 minutes) of Tavira town. It’s not easy to find as there are no signs. I can only assume this is because the locals do not want you to find it and I really can’t blame them.

What is it?

The beautiful Pego do Inferno is a natural swimming pool with a picturesque waterfall fed from a spring situated in the Santo Estêvão small village, at about 7km distance from Tavira and is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Algarve, particularly different from the touristic image of the golden coast Algarve.



There is plenty of free parking on and off road. When you arrive where Google maps tells you it should be, you wont see anything. Look right and in the distance you will see lots of parked cars. Head there and you will find a carpark on your left which is only a few minutes walk from the pool. If this is full carry on driving and park on the road. As there are no signs, I can only suggest you do as we did and follow everyone else.

Swings and things

There were quite a few visitors on Sunday afternoon when we arrived, but it’s big enough for everyone to share. There is a very high ledge above the waterfall that if you are brave or crazy enough you can jump from. To the right there is a rope swing hung from a tree which had a queue of several people keen to try their luck at an acrobatic and elegant entrance in to the water – most failed but it was great entertainment.

People of all ages scattered around the water’s edge and in the leafy undergrowth. Some looked as though they had made the trip to spend the day with picnics, chairs and lilos. We only planned to stay for maybe half an hour which was enough to chill us in the heat of the day and take in the lovely scenery which was spectacular. So spectacular that we started looking for another piece of land to develop in that region the minute we arrived home. We really are quite smitten with Tavira and the beaches around Cacela Velha – more about those on another post.


This is a very natural tourist spot, no toilets or facilities. It was remarkably clean so either everyone that visits respects the beauty and takes their rubbish home or someone else it keeping it clean – whoever it is they are doing a very good job.

When to go

I would recommend visiting Pego do Inferno for up to an hour if you are making the trip to Tavira or nearby beaches. All the flowers were in bloom when we made the trip which was fortuitous as some of the photos I have seen in winter look a little dismal. The photos I have taken do not do it justice, lovely place, check it out.

If there is somewhere you would like me to check out for you, drop me a line hello@loulehills.com

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