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Building plots in the Algarve, our search for the perfect spot.

Building plots are never advertised, well never the good ones!

And so our search began for the perfect building plot in the Algarve. The Algarve is a large region, so narrowing it down to one village or town was very difficult task indeed. We spent a considerable amount of time in the car, driving East and West taking in as many towns, villages and beaches that we could in our limited few days each visit. Everyone you meet who has settled there has a different opinion on where is best to build or buy, but in the end you have to consider what is right for you.


I fell in love with Arrifana beach. I would quite happily live in a tin shack on the top of the hill looking down onto the wide and windy beach, with its excited surfers duck diving merrily under the waves whatever the weather. The west coast is beautiful, wild and windy. I love it’s ruggedness and remoteness but for me it does lack any hustle and bustle of everyday life such as busy markets which I crave. Arrifana is a great escape, a quiet weekend away watching the waves crash against the beach snuggled up in a towel after a surf session or a salty sand filled day. The building plots we researched in this area were either too far from the beach or lacked a view.


The building plots near Loulé were so varied in price and size. Some small and square with no view situated on a road. Some were hidden down shared access narrow lanes with the land split either side of the lane which was very unappealing. We viewed one plot in the mountains, very quiet, with a view of the valley but the heat on a moderate spring day was quite overwhelming. It’s incredible how much the temperature increases the further you venture in land.

Making connections

We knew that the best building plots are never advertised, so we set about making connections and chatting with anyone and everyone in the locations we had shortlisted to discover any hidden gems. A local architect we had been in contact with called us early one morning and told us about a few building plots that he had shortlisted for us. One of them had only gone on the market that day so we were keen to be the first potential buyers to view it.  Our son had joined us on our search mission on this occasion and we were very glad to receive his input. We visited two of the plots which we quickly dismissed as unsuitable for all three of us. On to number three…

The cream of building plots

We headed to the hills for number three and instantly we felt overwhelmed with optimism. A lane branched off a quiet road on the hillside and we parked the car. Our architect friend had a huge grin on his face. He knew this was the one for us, even though we had told him our budget would not stretch as far as this plot required. Through bushes, past almond trees and over carpets of oregano we hiked, until he stopped and told us to turn around. We were speechless. The setting was perfect – the place of dreams. His brief was to find a hillside building plot, with a sea view, in a secluded and quiet location, with birdsong as the only noise, not too far from the airport. He delivered.

What next?

We determined there and then this was the plot for us, deciding not to continue on our tour of plots but to head back to the office to start the paperwork, make contact with the vendor and hire a lawyer – more about that in another post.

In search of land

If you are looking for building land in and around the Loulé region and you are struggling to find the plot of your dreams, drop me a line hello@loulehills.com and I would be happy to discuss how we can assist you.




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