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Welcome to my blog Loulé Hills

Loulé Hills

Welcome to my site and blog Loulé Hills! Here you will find the latest updates on our new build project in The Algarve region of Portugal and find our more about the region’s weather, food, sites, shopping and more. I will share with you all the ups and downs of creating a new home in a foreign country and tips and tricks that can make life easier for you either when relocating or just visiting for a holiday.

The Algarve region in Portugal has lots to offer the solo traveler, foodie, surfer, hiker or families seeking a safe and enjoyable vacation. The weather is as near to perfect as you will find anywhere in the world. The people are refreshingly helpful, honest and friendly and make you feel very welcome in their town and country.

Check out my blog for posts including; where to eat, where to visit, local delicacies, weather, swimming and more.

Thank you for visiting Loulé Hills, don’t forget to check back often for news, updates and latest blog posts.

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