Owner – Gail McNeill

I searched for the perfect private and quiet building plot, and fell in love with this land above Loulé, looking out at the Atlantic ocean. Conveniently placed within very easy reach of Faro Airport (25 minutes), Quinta do Lago, beautiful Atlantic beaches and Loulé town centre just 2 minutes drive away.

I spent over a year designing every detail of my dream home with my architect.

The project finally has all the necessary paperwork in place , so construction can now commence. The first phase is to landscape the plot, moving earth to create a driveway, stripping out dead trees and orchard of young carob trees (which will become the area for materials to be stored and for lorries to deliver and turn their vehicles), build a retaining wall of large stone blocks to separate the two levels of the land and to prevent any landslip from above.

At the same time we are installing water via a bore hole which will supply water to the plot, primarily for the pool and garden.

If you are thinking of building a home in Loulé, be warned, everything takes such a long time here, so you will need lots of patience!

I will be vlogging the whole build on YouTube, so check back soon for more information.

Drop me a line with any questions hello@loulehills.com